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Day 2: 12 Days of Christmas Crafty Crap

Ok…somehow I’m batting 100 right now.  I’ve actually managed to get the project for my second post done and ready for prime time.  This crafty project is for the Columbus Modern Quilt Guild‘s sewing caddy swap.  One of our members, Linda, from Dragon Threads put together this great tutorial for us to follow.  My partner, Paul, mentioned that he liked blues and greys, so I couldn’t resist using fabrics from Sweetwater’s Hometown collection.

After a little inspiration, and since Paul was kind enough to share his email with me, I decided to ask him where he considered his hometown to be.  While Paul is a Chicagoland native, here’s what he had to say about where he calls home (none other than good ol’ Columbus, OH):

“I have now officially lived here…longer than I have any other city in my life.  My wife is here, my children have grown up here, this is
definitely home.”

To pay some special attention to Paul’s hometown, I spent a few hours pouring through pictures I’ve taken over the years.  I knew that somewhere I had this great picture of the Columbus skyline I had taken a few years back and it was just dying to be used in this project.

Here’s how it turned out:

A close up of the Columbus skyline I printed on fusible printer-friendly fabric :

Now it’s all wrapped up (with a fabric scrap from another of the 12 days of Christmas projects) and ready for the swap tomorrow…

Until tomorrow…it’s going to be a good one!

1/21/2012 UPDATE: My swap partner Paul, who blogs over at Outnumbered Quilter, blogged about the sewing caddy I created!

Check out his post here:  Outnumbered Quilter

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Day 1: 12 Days of Christmas Crafty Crap

So…no blog posts recently.  Why, you ask?  Because I had the INSANE idea to make everyone’s Christmas presents this year.  I’ve been busy with “crafty Christmas crap” as I’ve come to call it.

Ok, confesssion…I haven’t really done a lot of sewing, mostly just spending all my dear husband’s money on fabric and other goodies with all of the best intentions in the world to get moving on all these projects.  And then….I realized  over the weekend that Christmas is less than two weeks away…eek!  But have no fear, a plan of attack has been developed:

1. Each day between now and Christmas I MUST complete one of the myriad of Christmas/holiday gifts.
2. Must post about it each day (reasoning: if I blog each day for 12 days, then maybe I’ll become a more regular blogger?)

So, without further ado…here’s the first project I’ve finished.  I started it this weekend and finished it up this morning before work.  It’s the Rock Garden quilt by Quilt Dad from the Moda Fresh Fabric Treats book.  It’s the first time I’ve worked with batiks which aren’t my style, but will make a great housewarming gift for some good friends of ours.   This present is being gifted this Friday, hence it had to be first on the punch list.  I hope they like it 🙂

And a little close-up:

Ready for my closeup!

My lovely little Dachshund Derby can’t stand pictures being taken of anything other than her, so she kept trying to sneak into the pictures.  She’s so stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t resist posting a picture of her with the quilt:

Derby's trying to steal the show...again!

So until tomorrow folks…day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas!

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Down the Rabbit Hole…

One of these days, I would love to meet the genius behind charm packs.  Those adorable little squares just scream my name each and every time I walk into a quilt shop.

Currently, my Moda charm pack collection includes:

Kate Spain’s Terrain
French General’s Panier de Fleurs
Kate Spain’s Central Park
Keiki’s Oops-a-Daisy
Fig Tree’s Buttercup
Kate Spain’s Fandango
Deb Strain’s Cherish Nature
Fig Tree’s Whimsy

Even as I list them out, I can think of about a dozen more I want to add to my collection and am still amazed at just how long the list is already.  It’s definitely time for my first ever quilt and I think these charm squares will do just the trick!

I purchased the patternA Sunday Charmer from Sweet Jane on Etsy.  Super cute and super easy, it calls for just two charm packs and a yard of background fabric (plus backing and binding of course).  So, off I went to join the land of quilters (it’s a great one, don’t you think?) and down the rabbit hole I fell…


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