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I am the world’s worst blogger/procrastinator!

Ok…so, not sure how it got to be the 21st of January (and coincidentally, my *gasp* 28th birthday) already.  If you’re reading (or maybe you stopped because I haven’t posted in a billion years) you might be wondering…what happened to the Many Mini Modern Blocks QAL?

It’ll be back…starting tomorrow…I promise.

What’s been keeping me so busy all this time?  I’ve hopped on the swap band wagon and have been busy busy busy getting all my swapping ducks in a row:

2 rounds of an iSpy charm swap over at Midnight Makers had me cutting up some cute little charms:

Round 1 fabric choice: Tufted Tweets

Round 2 fabric choice: Urban Circus

This is the first swap that Lorelei is hosting and she’s done such a great job.  You can also check out the Flickr pages for Round 1 and Round 2 of the swap to see everyone else’s fabric selections.  I can’t wait to get my charm packs in the mail!

I’ve also been hard at work on the For the Love of Solids Swap.  Here’s the inspiration mosaic I created:

I can’t get enough of these rainbow inspired goodies, but am really into the purple and aqua color palette right now too.  How great is that zig zag quilt in the upper left corner?

The partners for this round are secret, but mine  has given me some great inspiration and is pushing me to create something out of my comfort zone.  My secret swap partner loves warm, earthy tones and has mentioned that they like applique of simple shapes or abstract/simple designs.

Here’s my inspiration for the swap:

It’s Vasily Kandinsky’s Squares and Concentric Circles.  The inspiration struck me when I was looking at some pictures from a recent trip to NYC’s MoMA and I saw another Kandinsky in the background of the pictures…voila inspiration strikes!

Once the inspiration struck, it was time to head to the store (my favorite part, duh)!  Here’s what I ended up with:

More on swaps later!  Stay tuned for the Many Mini Modern Blocks QAL…promise it will happen tomorrow!

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