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Many Mini Modern Blocks (3MB): Picking a Color Palette

With a book chock full of so many great designs from so many great quilty minds, you’re bound to have a large variety of blocks.  One way to add cohesiveness to your blocks is to pick a single color palette to follow for each block you create.  This is what I’m planning on doing, but the great news is…no rules here!

One of my favorite things about quilting is that you don’t have to follow any rules but one: create a quilt you’ll love!  So if you don’t want to pick a color palette…don’t!  Maybe blocks in a wide array of colors suits your style perfectly, so go for it!

Everyone’s designs can be viewed on Flickr so head over to see what everyone is up to!

Already a little overwhelmed with all of the blocks and now in a state of panic that you need to pick a color palette too?  Believe me, I’ve been there.  My husband thinks I’m crazy for putting this together because I may have had a few mini breakdowns along the way in the planning.  I guess if you don’t quilt, 100 blocks seems like a lot 🙂

One of the best sites I’ve found for color palette inspiration is Design Seeds.  If you’re like me, you can spend hours on this site browsing through the beautiful pictures and their corresponding inspired color palettes.  Here’s a few color palettes which pointed me in the right direction to choosing my fabric choices:

With the help of these color palettes and a little inspiration of my own, I created a color palette for my quilt which includes:

Pale Yellow

More on the colors tomorrow in the post on fabric requirements.  Stay tuned!

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