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Day 4: 12 Days of Christmas Crafty Crap

Well, it’s 11:04 PM and I’ve made it just under the wire by finishing my fourth project of the week!  Yay me!  Downside?  It’s dark outside, so I won’t be able to take pictures until tomorrow.

Let’s just say…it’s pretty awesome.  I finished up my Charmed Prints QAL hosted by Gen X Quilters.  Fun Ann Kelle Remix fabrics, japanese import swap fussy cuts, cute zig-zag stitch in the ditch quilting , and a fun little flange binding make for an adorable quilt.  This project has no intended recipient yet, so I guess the race is on to see which of our friends is next to have a baby.  This puppy will be sitting on a shelf, happily waiting for it’s new home.

I promise to post good pictures tomorrow (after all, I need pictures to enter to win the awesome giveaway Gen X quilters has put together), but here’s a little sneaky peaky until tomorrow:

So sorry for the crummy picture…promise to get some better ones tomorrow.  It’s going to be a busy weekend of crafty Christmas crap:

– finish free motion quilting & add binding to the quilt I’m making my parents
– piece together picnic blanket quilt top for brother & sister-in-law
– make iPad case for a co-worker (my first comissioned work)
– make roll-up placemats to match picnic blanket
– finish piecing blocks for in-laws quilt (10/20 to go)

Whew!  Just writing that list out has exhausted me…off to bed I go, surely with quilty dreams in my head.  Until tomorrow…

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