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Day 6: 12 Days of Christmas Crafty Crap

I don’t know whether it’s a relief that I’m halfway through the 12 days of Christmas crafty crap or is it just creating more anxiety in my already hectic life?  I know one thing for certain, there needs to be a big reward for myself in the near future.  I hope Santa brings me the awesome items on my Christmas list including:

  • The Collette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick
  • Sew to Swap by Chrissie Grace
  • Gift certificates to my LQS
  • Digital SLR camera

(hint hint my darling husband)

Lots of sewing progress made today, mostly set up work for cranking out the last few items of Christmas crafty crap, so today’s project is just a little iPad case.  This was made for a co-worker who is gifting it to another co-worker.  I’m not exactly thrilled with the finished project, even though I double-checked to confirm I was following the pattern…we’ll see what Cathy has to say tomorrow, but I may have another one of this to whip up in the near future:

On the plus side, I do love these fantastic prints from Joel Dewberry’s Aviary 2 collection.

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