Have you tried a Block of the Month?

I’m still reeling from the idea that January is already over and it didn’t really set in until I looked at the calendar today and realized that it was the 4th of February already!

Then, I realized I hadn’t done my two Blocks of the Month (BOM) that two of my local quilt shops are hosting.  This made for a perfect Saturday morning activity.  Not only did I learn to use “Thangles” (seriously, those little bits of paper are AWESOME!!!) but these blocks are also taking me out of my comfort zone for fabric choices.  One of the finished quilts will likely become a gift and the other a picnic blanket.  And the best part, they cost only $1 a month to do!  Who can’t pass up a bargain like that…entire quilt tops for $12?!?

Red, White & Blue BOM:

I heart Chocolate BOM:

Have you heard of an Amish mistake?  Well, I made a big one in one of these blocks and the first person to correctly identify it by commenting on my blog will receive a pack of 3″ Thangles!  Happy Amish mistake hunting!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s many mini modern block…it’s pretty sweet!

One thought on “Have you tried a Block of the Month?

  1. Jaclyn Davis says:

    I hate looking for mistakes on other’s quilts, however, since we were invited. I think the mistake is on the red, white and blue BOM on the very bottom right hand corner – the blue and white half square triangle block. I think it should be turned/rotated once to the left….if that makes any sense.

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